"It's too early for cuckholding. It's always too early for cuckholding."

Ruby, from "It's Been Two Weeks My Wife Has Started Making Me Some Delicious Pancakes For Breakfast, And Oh No! What's Happening? I'm Turning Into A Wife!"

Jolene Jodrey was born in 1992 in a small French village. After an aborted PhD in Marine Biology and a bachelor's degree in Advanced Seduction Techniques Applied To Tritons, she aspired to become a professional Dominatrix when she realized her diploma was worthless since monster boys don't exist -yet-. Her career lasted three days, after which she realized that she was a massive submissive (surprisingly, it might be an issue in this line of work). She then became a writer, trying to monetize her many fetishes and traumas instead of paying a therapist.

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