"It's not straight if it's a fish boy!"

Mel, from "I Ordered Some Sushi And I Ended Up Getting My Pussy Eaten By A Cute Fish Boy"

It's Been Two Weeks My Wife Has Started Making Me Some Delicious Pancakes For Breakfast, And Oh No! What's Happening? I'm Turning Into A Wife!

Cass and Will are a pretty normal couple: a happy married life, a nice house, and a boring sex life (but don't worry, it's okay!).

But when Cass finds out her husband might be, in fact, her wife, she does what every normal person would do: she makes Will transition by putting hormones in her food without her knowledge. Meanwhile, their respective friends observe the situation, trying their best to tell Cass that, yes, she has good intentions, but no, force-feminizing your wife might not be the way to go.


An 8000 words short story about marine biology, pancakes, gender-affirming small things, animes, fish-people's way of dealing with gender, and marriage.

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